Sunday, June 5, 2011

Because I'm awesome, that's why!

I have a friend that has a very large heart, hidden by a bravado that most believe but if you take a moment to really listen...

She's exceptional.

She'll tell you to go fuck yourself if you're an asshole, she'll cry because you're crying and she'll make an off color joke that is both irreverent and perfection in it's timing. And she keeps kicking my ass at Words with Friends. I'm waiting for the moment that I get the perfect combination of words to spell out bitch because I know she will love it.

I didn't met this woman in my day to day life, I met her online. I met most of my tight knit circle online. When I went on bedrest, my real life friends were too busy living to take a moment so the friendships took a hit and when the diagnosis started rolling in, it was the KO punch. Who wants to hang out with/talk to that person that is so sad?

No one.

No one except my mommy friends from IVillage and my Weight Watcher buddies. I don't overly emote on my friends' greatness often but it is there. I don't think that I would have chosen two of my closest friends in fact. They are a bit loud and opinionated-actually, just like me. It's not often that more than one alpha female can co-exist happily but in some ways I was able to get past our every day personas and get to the core of what makes them great and how knowing them makes me better.

I see one of them excelling at college and owning her writing style and I'm so glad for her. I see another raising children of her heart and body without a discernible difference because there is no difference to her and I'm struck by her propensity to love.

I see both grabbing their life and living it to the fullest and fulfilling their dreams and goals and I'm inspired to do the same. I see them laughingly say, "Because I'm awesome, that's why!" and while they may wonder if that is really true, I know that they are right and I am so lucky that I "met" them. I live every day working to get to the point that I can say the same thing.

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