Saturday, January 28, 2012

A lesson learned- Our search for the perfect Kindergarten

It's time to look for a school for the girls. They are scheduled to start kindergarten in September. Right now, Baby is by herself at a prestigious private school that has an integrated program. I think the hype is overblown and honestly, I think she would have learned more at Bugabuga and the CEO's school but this was her chance to be normal. And we needed that, so we jumped at the opportunity.

We walked in to the little nursery school and were met by the social worker. Her smile was fake and her ego was palatable.

"We only have one spot available. I know when we spoke, an hour ago, we had two spots but someone else took one." She shrugged like she was cute and charming.

"How is that possible? You told me that we had the first appointment."

If you're looking for a spot for all of your children, we will not accommodate you. If you can't accept that, we'll cancel the appointment. Pick one to be evaluated, only one."

I looked helplessly at my husband. OH my God! She was making us choose which one was higher functioning. I hated her in the instant and two years later, I still seethe when I think of her. The Baby was exceptional of course and was accepted. We sent her on her merry way and any time we have any contact with the social worker, I deferred to my husband. He takes her calls. He is their primary contact. I can barely speak to her without wanting to vomit.

My handsome was accepted there too but they wouldn't bring him in until after the Baby graduated. It was like that school had a one child limit for our family in particular.

We let the spot go and Handsome started school with Bugabuga and the CEO early, like we wanted. He is excelling.

Each morning we put the three of them on the bus and Baby sadly sits and waits for her bus. Come hell, or high water that won't happen to her in September. Even if we have to sue the New York City Department of Education, they will be together.

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