Sunday, August 14, 2011

Great Expectations

I'm a sap.  A complete and utter sap.

I wanted children for a long time-wait, let me clarify, I didn't just want children-I wanted to have my husband's children.  I had dreams of frills and trucks and all the good times in between.  I had expectations...


"We're having a party!"

"Are you a party girl?"  I asked Bugabuga.

"Oh yes, Mom.  I'm a party ANIMAL!"

"You go girl!  Par-TAY!"

"Dad, I'm a party girl too!"  Baby chimes in, my husband looks shaken.  It's begun.

"Me too!  I'm a party princess!"  The CEO jumps in.

"Par-TAY! Par-TAY!"  Handsome is jumping around dancing.

My husband and I stand shoulder to shoulder (alright, shoulder to abdomen but you get the idea) watching the kids throw a party and do pretend play.  When one falters, another picks it up.  They are laughing, dancing and just having a great time.  I see my little guy fitting in and hamming it up.  This is what I wanted.  This is what I dreamed of all those years ago.

And now as they sleep, I close my eyes and see their little smiles and hear their giggles.  I tear up.

They are everything beyond my wildest dreams.

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