Saturday, May 28, 2011

When I fall in love, it'll be forever.

I met my husband the first day of college. I was in a long distance relationship at the time. We were at a Freshman orientation mixer, each of us had to say our name and major and move on to the next person. I remember looking up as far as possible and making eye contact; I had the instantaneous thought that I would marry that man right that minute if he asked me to be his wife. It was the oddest feeling and I remember looking back at him and was shocked that he was looking back too.

My husband doesn't remember this at all. LOL.

We didn't travel in the same circles, I was surrounded by business and education majors while he was immersed in the Communications field. We had a couple of core classes together. I was that annoying girl that would sleep through the 8:30 History class but wake up quickly in order to disagree with another pain in the ass. My books fell off my desk every class as my head would fall forward. The falling books would wake up my husband, not a great impression.

We had Art History together. We ended up sitting next to each other and I was struck by his politeness and he was struck by my cleavage. We started a really nice friendship and both of us arrived early to talk to each other. There was a guy that sat next to us that told me one day, "At our 10 year reunion, mark my words, that will be your husband."

I was still in a relationship so we just had a nice friendship and when the class ended we went our separate ways.

We didn't met again until our second semester of Junior year. I was newly single. I went to the Media Resources room to met a friend and watch a chemistry video. My friend was supposed to be working the desk and I walked in expecting to see him but instead found my future husband. I signed out the Chemistry video and I remember putting the video in the VCR and I was about to press play when I made a joke about falling asleep like I used to in History class. He started talking and I just stood there listening. I was riveted by his voice. It was deep and full. I could hear everything he was thinking just by listening to the nuances of his voice. He talked about his love of radio and I was so impressed by his passion. He laughed at my jokes and I couldn't stop smiling. We spoke until the building closed. We were so distracted that I left my ID in the media room. We stood outside of the building talking for several more hours and I remember feeling like my life was changing in front of my eyes. We finally ended the conversation right before the last bus leaving campus for the night departed. He went home and I ran to my friend's dorm room.

"I'm going to marry him. I think I'm already halfway in love."

Many friends have told us that it is rare to see what we have but once you do, you realize that ordinary love is a pale comparison. And on the especially hard days, when I reach for my cell phone to text my husband, it's not unusual for it to vibrate in my hand with a message asking how it's going.

I think back to the first day of college and remember the absolute certainty that I felt when I met him and I look at our little ones that have made our life so much more full and I know that I fell in love at first sight and 15 years later, I still giggle when he smiles at me.

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  1. It's funny, when I first heard about my husband it was because he was one of the triplets at school. Through high school, people always talked about him, and then when he graduated, I heard his name and watched him walk across the stage despite never having met him.

    When he started working at Walmart with me in January of my senior year, I recognized him and then immediately KNEW he was going to be my first real boyfriend, my husband, and father of my kids.

    Within a month we were dating, just over a year later we were married, and not quite six years later, Landon was born. Kismet. :)