Saturday, July 30, 2011

I'm happy.

The reality of my life is a bit hard to digest. It has the makings of a Lifetime movie including cheesy soundtrack. I think most people think I spend my days sad and determined.

I am be happy. Everyone has a load of crap that they carry and that makes their life more difficult, I'm no different.

I just chose to be happy.

There were many days that I did/do cry and I still don't sleep through a night but overall I am a lucky girl.

We went to the girls' dance class earlier today. Baby was not feeling it. She was crying and shutting down left and right.

I jumped into the class to help focus her and it wasn't working. I was getting a great workout jumping around like a frog but I couldn't reach her. I felt so frustrated but I kept going and then suddenly I felt a strong presence next to me. I looked over my shoulder and my husband was jumping like a frog too!

He towered over all the little ballerinas in making by at least 4 feet. He waved the ribbons that the teacher handed out with the enthusiasm of the most perfect student. When he jumped gracefully in the air, with the ribbons trailing behind him I lost it. I started laughing so hard that Bugabuga started laughing. Not to be left out, Handsome and the CEO cracked up without any clue as to why they were laughing. The Baby was jarred from her little world and started smiling. She got up from the floor and started twirling with her daddy.

There are numerous occasions that I look at my husband in wonder and I'm just humbled that he picked me.

How can I not be happy?

(And yes, I took pictures. LOL)

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