Monday, July 18, 2011

It's all about Communicating.


"Why do you want to learn sign language?"

"Um, what if I meet someone who can't talk and hear me and they're lost? What if they need help? Everyone needs someone to help them. I can do it. I can help them." - The eight year old me.


"Why do you want to work with Senior Citizens?"

"They are so interesting. I learn so much. Besides, they need friends. I can be their friends." -The 14 year old me.


"I think you would be exceptional working with special children. Try it."

"I can't do it. I can't handle it. They need so much. What if I'm not as good as they deserve?"-The 20 year old me discussing student-teaching in an Autistic classroom.


"Why do you work with the most difficult, untrained animals? What if you get injured?"

"Everyone deserves to be loved and feel kindness. Everyone, cats and dogs, can show love and kindness once you find the way to communicate on their level."


"You need to start using Sign language to communicate with her. You have to use another means of communication if she doesn't develop the ability to speak."

"She WILL speak. I'll try sign but I know she will speak."


"Mow. Mow." Accompanied by the sign for "More." Bugabuga's first sign! My baby was communicating with me! I smiled and cheered. I hugged her and danced around the room. She was so proud of herself. She signed over and over, faster and faster, "More." I cried and my smile was frozen on my face. "Great job, Bugabuga! Great job! I love you!"

She tottered over to her little pocketbook laying on the floor, focused on her favorite toy. Her focus, razor sharp on the latch, I am forgotten again.

We communicated. That's what matters. We communicated.

I wanted her to speak. I was so proud but I wanted her to speak.


"Ma... Maaaa.... Ma!" "Mama!"

I started crying, so hard that my voice was broken. I signed, "More!"

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